NCSCT Stage 1 - Certified Practitioners

This is a list of practitioners who have passed the NCSCT Stage 1 Assessment.

Practitioner Commissioning PCT (if relevant)* Certified Since
BADARAU, Lilia N/A 17/03/2014
NUNEZ-TATO, Beatriz N/A 10/12/2013
WILLIAMS, Shirley NHS Cambridgeshire 22/01/2014
ABASS, Yetunde NHS South East Essex 18/07/2013
ABATAN, Ms Christianah .O. N/A 08/01/2014
ABAYOMI-OJUMU, Olayinka West Hertfordshire PCT 29/03/2011
ABBAS, Ameer N/A 18/09/2013
ABBAS, Reem Sheffield PCT 02/09/2011
ABBAS, Suhair N/A 17/06/2012
ABBAS, Waheeda N/A 20/01/2012
ABBOTT, Ann Great Yarmouth and Waveney PCT 11/07/2012
ABBOTT, Laura NHS Oxfordshire 21/05/2012
ABBOTT, Melanie Cumbria Teaching PCT 25/05/2011
ABBOTT, Sarah N/A 19/09/2013
ABBOTT-TRANGMAR, Lisa NHS South West Essex 03/12/2012
ABD EL MEGUID, Wael N/A 09/08/2011
ABDELGADIR, Iyad Omer Mustafa N/A 19/01/2013
ABDUL, Sidra NHS Peterborough 11/08/2012
ABDUL RAHIM, Abdul Alim N/A 15/12/2012
ABDULALI, Yusuf NHS Coventry 28/08/2013
ABDUL-AZIZ, Salamatu N/A 03/11/2013
ABDULLAHI, Noor Hassan N/A 13/08/2013
ABERNETHY, Julie N/A 12/03/2013
ABERY, James NHS Somerset 25/04/2013
ABEYESEKERA, Anouska Gloucestershire PCT 18/05/2012

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